2010 Bulldog Award Recipients

Career Center

The Bulldog Award for January goes to the Career Center. The Career Center does an outstanding job of providing customer service to students, the campus community, and employers who come to our campus to hire students. The Center provides outstanding customer service to students utilizing the Career Center by receiving top-notch customer service via our Career Assistants (CA’s). Our customer service training for our CA’s is considered by many to be the gold-standard on campus; our CA supervisor, Polly Matteson, has presented workshops on the CA training program at a regional career services conference. Students needing more individualized attention can meet one-on-one with a full-time staff member for assistance with any aspect of the job/graduate school search. The evaluations for these sessions exceeded 4.5/5.0 for fall semester, 2007. Additionally, the Center provides service to all campus departments so they can list positions available for scholarship, work-study and institutional employment on eRecruiting, a web-based program purchased by the Career Center. This allows all campus departments to have equal access to qualified applicants for their student employment positions. Faculty/staff may request career and graduate school-related programming from the Career Center. Last year, more than 200 programs were presented, many in response to faculty/staff requests, and the evaluations were well in excess of 4.0/5.0. An employer using the services has been quoted as saying the Career Center at Truman State University is the best career services office he has ever dealt with. This is due to the personalized attention he consistently received from full-time staff. Employers consistently rank Truman’s Career Expo as one of, if not the, best career fair they attend. This is due in large measure to the high level of individualized attention we provide employers while they are on our campus, and throughout the registration process. It is with great pleasure that the Bulldog Award for January be awarded to the Career Center.

2010 Bulldog Award for the Career Center

Center for Student Involvement

2010 Bulldog Award for the Center for Student Involvement


The Bulldog Award for June goes to the Grounds Department, Physical Plant. Over the past year, the campus has dramatically changed in appearance, and as one staff member commented, “It just keeps looking nicer each day.” Another staff member had this to say, “All over campus, there are abundant amounts of perennial flowers that take your breath away, it makes my day brighter each time I walk the campus.” The effort and professionalism is also displayed in the lawn care and edging. This is a continuous effort requiring a devotion to duty given the heat and temperatures that must be endured during this task. The grounds department has also demonstrated an eagerness to assist campus visitors by providing helpful directions to parents of new students searching for the right building. Their enthusiasm, competence and efforts are noticed by all who visit the University campus. It is with great pleasure that the Bulldog Award for June be awarded to the Grounds Department for Physical Plant.

2010 Bulldog Award for Grounds

Department of Health and Exercise Science

The Bulldog Award for July goes to the Department of Health and Exercise Science (HES). The HES department is outstanding in providing the latest training techniques to its students, as well as, support to the campus community on a day to day basis. The department staff is administered by Carolyn McCarty and headed by Dr. Chris Lantz. This department is one of the largest and fastest growing programs on campus with over 550 students majoring in the Health Science field. Close to forty faculty members provide hands on instruction and timely guidance to the students thereby contributing immeasurably to the overall success of the department. Last year’s incoming freshman class of 101 students has already been erased by this year’s class of 102 new students with additional increases likely. Through her initiative, professional competency, and devotion to duty, Carolyn with the assistance of nine student workers ensure the operation runs smoothly. The Pershing equipment room is also in the capable hands of the HES staff and fourteen student workers. The department continues the day to day operations in the midst of a major renovation to Pershing with outstanding results. Nonetheless, Dr. Lantz, Carolyn and her crew maintain a family atmosphere that is so important to the mission and success of Truman State University. It is with great pleasure that the Bulldog Award for July be awarded to the Department of Health & Exercise Science.

2010 Bulldog Award for the Department of Health and Exercise Science

Business Office

The Bulldog Award for August 2010 goes to the Business Office. They were nominated because of the volume of paperwork they process, often with “As Soon As Possible” on the end of each request, from every department on campus. The number of requisitions and documents they process is staggering. Orders are placed, payments are processed, and information and requests are answered promptly and courteously.  The Business Office provides a standard of customer service that matches the standard of success Truman State University strives to instill in its faculty, staff, and students. The Business Office team has pulled together to ensure satisfaction from those who use its services. It is with great pleasure that the Bulldog Award for August be awarded to the Business Office.

2010 Bulldog Award for the Business Office

Mail Services

The Bulldog Award for December 2010 goes to Mail Services.

We have good mail support but again Roger went above and beyond when he saved us over $1000 to ship back the telescopes damaged by lightning.  I know it was a hassle finding the freight company that would actually ship these, working out details, and getting insurance from a totally different company.  I really appreciate his doing all these details.  He has done so many extras for SAM-making sure our live stuff is actually live when it gets here (and in winter-not frozen), made special trips to deliver something that got dropped off late, making it easy for me to have a way to express mail items that “must go out today” dropped off at 4 p.m., and dozens of other things.  We couldn’t live without the mailroom, and Roger just makes it more pleasant.

It is with great pleasure that the Bulldog Award for December be awarded to Mail Services.

2010 Bulldog Award for Mail Services