2011 Bulldog Award Recipients

Registrar’s Office

The Bulldog Award for January 2011 goes to the Registrar’s Office.

As a new employee and new supervisor for this office, I have seen first-hand the commitment of the staff to the University and to the students they serve.  This is a group of people who value their work and the family environment they foster in the office.  It has been incredible to walk into an office where day after day, they come in, they smile, they help students and faculty and they just do their jobs.  Each student that walks through the door is greeted with a smile and a name (yes, quite often the names)!  If the name is new to our staff – they learn it quickly and rarely forget!  In the 2 months that I have had the privilege to sit in the Registrar’s Office, it never ceases to amaze me that people are here at 8:00 sharp, doing their job, working all day and making sure that they can do whatever necessary to help that student graduate.

One of the most amazing aspects of how this group works cohesively is the lack of a permanent office structure they have endured for over 3 years.  Not only have they maintained this level of commitment to customer service, but they did this without having a permanent Registrar in place.  While there were Acting and Interim Registrars who were stellar in their positions, there was never a time where one person’s dedication was to the well-being of this office.  During this time, their commitment to the office functions was unwavering.

I believe strongly that Charlotte Mathews, Marilyn Gibbons, Melissa Rodman, Rebecca Charles and Kim Titus embody the spirit of Truman and deserve The Bulldog Award.

It is with great pleasure that the Bulldog Award for January be awarded to the Registrar’s Office.

2011 Bulldog Award for the Registrar's Office

Physical Plant

The Bulldog Award for February 2011 goes to the Physical Plant. Mike Corrick, Harold Reeves, and his “team” of movers, Ricky Sayre, Dave West, Louis McKim, Charlie Dromey, Mike Elam, Marty Jacques, Mike Burkett, Les Rogers, Greg Brown and Cheryl Miller in particular went above and beyond the required duties to make the move for the Health & Exercise Sciences department from Pershing’s third floor to the new HES Suite as painless as possible. Each person came in with a “How can I help you” attitude and delivered services promptly. Harold, Dave, and Louis were in the office so much that we thought they were part of the HES Faculty. Truman State University is blessed to have such dedicated professionals.

It is with great pleasure that the Bulldog Award for February be awarded to the Physical Plant.

2011 Bulldog Award for the Physical Plant

Student Health Center

The Bulldog Award for October 2011 goes to the Student Health Center.  The staff at the Student Health Center took the initiative and made the commitment to begin accepting insurance.

This has been a benefit to students who have insurance that was previously unutilized, and the university in increasing revenue.  Many changes had to occur in order to accomplish this initiative.

Every staff member took on additional duties in order to make insurance billing a reality. Student Health Center staff never complained about learning a completely new language of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) & Diagnosis Codes, adding new paperwork, and completely changing their system to incorporate the requirements of insurance companies.

The Student Health Center staff prides itself in accomplishing its goals without denying services to students who do not currently have insurance coverage or those who prefer a claim relating to sensitive issues not be submitted to their parents’ insurance. Indigent and Sensitive Issues Plans were developed specifically to meet the needs of students.

Throughout this change to general office operations, this group of professionals continued to contribute to the university goal of offering excellent services to our students.

It is with congratulations and great pleasure that the Bulldog Award for October 2011 goes to the Student Health Clinic.