2005 Points of Excellence Recipients


Diane Moore


The award for November goes to Diane Moore for her hard work and exceptional attitude. While she has many impressive qualities, the one that stands out the most is her ability to maintain a sense of calm and positive energy in every situation. A coworker had this to say about Diane, “Despite the difficulties such an environment can create; Diane maintains a sense of diplomacy, professionalism, and kindness in all that she does. I have great respect for her apparent “grace under pressure.” Diane is always willing to go the extra mile. When the Division of Fine Arts schedules functions outside the typical workweek, Diane takes time from her own busy life to participate in them. Whether it is an annual art auction or a musical presented in the theatre department, Diane is likely to show her support. She is the first one to volunteer and the last one to finish up whenever there is work to be done.Similarly, when students or faculty have questions, Diane does whatever she can to help. Even when someone else might more easily find answers, Diane takes it upon herself to do the research. Clearly, she takes pride in what she does and enjoys learning how to better serve her division.”

It is with great pleasure that the Point of Excellence Award for November be presented to Diane Moore.

2005 Points of Excellence Award for Diane Moore

Diane being presented with the Points of Excellence award by President Dixon on January 10, 2006.