University Closure Policy

The University Closure Policy and accompanying procedures provide guidance for the orderly Cancellation of Classes, Emergency Closure, and Early Release of Employees during Extreme Conditions.

  To ensure continuity of services to students and the public, it is the policy of Truman State University to remain open except under Extreme Conditions.  During Extreme Conditions, the University may initiate Cancellation of Classes, Emergency Closure and/or Early Release of Employees.  Responsibility for such a decision rests with the University President.  Other University Employees are not authorized to make such decisions.

  This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, visitors, and vendors and for all University activities.


Cancellation of Classes:  Classes are cancelled but the University remains open and all University offices continue to operate and staff continue to work.

Emergency Closure:
  An unanticipated official Closure of the University due to Extreme Conditions. Scheduled classes are cancelled and most University offices are closed with most University Operations ceasing.

Early Release:
  Permission is granted for employees to leave work before their regular shift ends without loss of pay due to Extreme Conditions.

Operational Day:
  Unless otherwise specified, the Operational Day (24 hour day) for Emergency Closure begins at 12 am.  A regularly scheduled shift is cancelled for an Emergency Closure if the start time of the shift occurs at the beginning of or during the Operational Day on the day of closure.

Extreme Conditions:
  Extreme Conditions include, but are not limited to, severe weather, natural disasters, major utility failure and public safety issues.

Designated Essential Personnel:
  Designated Essential Personnel (situationally critical) include certain personnel in Public Safety, Physical Plant, Student Housing and others determined to be necessary by the President or appropriate designee.  Employees authorized to appoint Designated Essential Personnel will be approved in advance by the President of the University.


  1. Emergency Closure Procedure:  When an Emergency Closure is declared, students and employees will receive notice of the Closure by various means such as email, text messaging, radio, television, and Truman’s website.
  2. Early Release of Employees:  Notice of Early Release will be communicated to employees by department heads, managers, or supervisors after such an early release decision is made by the President or his designee.
  3. Scheduled On-Campus Programs:  All scheduled activities will be cancelled during an Emergency Closure, however in special circumstances, the President or designee may allow a scheduled event to occur.  Public Relations will make a public announcement if this is the case.
  4. Guidelines for Compensation During Emergency Closure:
    1. Employees who are sick, on vacation, or other approved leave (or are scheduled for such) will have the time away from work charged to their respective accrual accounts because they would not have been at work during the Emergency Closure.
    2. Employees scheduled to work, but are not working due to the closure will be paid for their regularly scheduled work hours for that Operational Day for the duration of the closure, not to exceed 5 work days, based on their normal schedule.
    3. Nonexempt employees asked to work as Designated Essential Personnel by individuals authorized to do so will receive their regular rate of pay up to their regular FTE.  In addition, they will receive time and a half for all hours actually worked during an emergency closure.
    4. Nonexempt employees who are not Designated Essential Personnel, but report to work will not be paid overtime for the hours worked.
    5. Student workers called in to work as Designated Essential Personnel will be paid for the actual hours worked at their regular rate.
  1. Guidelines for Compensation for Early Release of Employees:
    1. Employees who are granted such release time will be paid at their regular rate for the remainder of their regular work schedule for that Operational Day.
    2. Employees not granted Early Release will continue to be paid for regularly scheduled hours worked at their regular rate of pay.
    3. Student employees will be paid for the actual hours worked and approved by their supervisor.

Designated Essential Personnel

It is the responsibility of the Management in areas with Designated Essential Personnel to develop appropriate reporting and work assignment procedures for Designated Essential Personnel to be executed when Emergency Closure and Early Release of Employees is approved.  These procedures should be communicated regularly to the affected employees by their respective managers and supervisors. In addition to critical staff, it may be desirable to have limited staff and hours in the library and other student services during emergencies, particularly weather emergencies, and that these arrangements would be approved in advance or by the President.


President Troy D. Paino
January 27, 2014