2014 Bulldog Award Recipients

Mail Services

Roger Marsh

Recently working with Roger Marsh in Mail Services, extensively, in a compressed timeline, needing to ship a very large piece of art to a gallery at New Mexico State University for a juried exhibition. In our interactions I was markedly impressed every step of the way by his impeccable customer service, thorough help, and genuine personal care in making sure that everything I needed done happened the best way possible.

In shipping this work, the timeline was very tight as the gallery director and I had to figure out how we could share the costs of shipping among our universities. I initially contacted Roger to see if I could drop off a crate to ship from the University address as it would be cheaper than shipping it from a residential address. Not only was he happy to allow me to do this, he even helped to use the University’s relationship with certain carriers to get me a discount, and exhaustively worked with these companies to make sure the crate went out on schedule (which was not easy in our rural setting). Roger even stayed late to make sure that my crate was picked up.

This level of initiative truly impressed me. My work made it to the gallery quickly and for the best deal possible.

Electrical Sub-Meter Team

Tim Baker, John Green, Dustin Howard, Bill Maples, Ralph Miller, Bryan Waddle, Karl Schneider, Mark Schultz, and Donna Liss

The Electrical Sub-Meter Team worked through the Summer of 2013 installing electrical sub-meters in 8 different buildings including 6 residence halls, the Student Union, and Student Recreation Center. This required overcoming schedule constraints for building electrical outages, hot weather, limited space clearance, and delayed material deliveries. The task was completed while maintaining high quality workmanship and within the given time constraint (early August 2013).



Dan Antal, Jesse Bartlett, David Cameron, Randy Lumsden, and Steve Peeler

For the past few days my office and three others were getting very warm on the south side. I called the physical plant yesterday reporting room temperatures in the upper 80s when we turned down the thermostat. By the afternoon, two workers were troubleshooting our heating problem. Today our room temperatures are back to normal. Their actions may have saved some of our office equipment as well as making our work environment more pleasant. I appreciate their prompt and effective service.