2014 Points of Excellence Recipients

Connie Ikerd – Work Performance

Connie is the secretary of the Communication Disorders department but she isn’t just the secretary, Connie is a huge part in why the department is as amazing as it is. Connie is so dedicated and passionate about not only her job but the department in general, she helps with every aspect of our clinic and our clients. I worked one-on-one with Connie during the summer of 2013 and I got to see for myself what all she does. It is incredible that she does it by herself, and it is truly astounding. On top of everything Connie does, she is also incredibly kind and always willing to help out with answering questions about classes and overrides, as well as where to find everything in the clinic. She goes out of her way to get to know all the students and make sure they are completing what they need to do.


Gwen Perrachione – Customer Service

Gwen is a problem solving go getter! Any time that I call regarding a faculty, staff, or student email Gwen is quick to respond. She is able to figure out the garbled mess and restore the individual to network access. Gwen always seems very genuine and happy to be helping you out. She is a positive force in the ITS department. I know that if I put in a request for a new account, an update to a new account, or a troubleshooting request that Gwen will take care of it quickly and let me know when the request is complete. If she is unable to help with the request she will get others involved that can. Thank you Gwen for a job that is always done well, with a great attitude and a smile!


Julie Haynes – Customer Service

Julie is truly a lifesaver. She is quick to respond to technical difficulties in our building. She is knowledgeable and dependable when computers are giving the faculty and staff trouble. She is always there to save the day and the data! We appreciate her and have come to depend on her superior technical support and are glad that she is Magruder Hall’s computer tech!


Lori Gray – Customer Service

Lori was extraordinarily helpful during the benefits fair and beyond. In addition to making it easier for my faculty to receive their information in a timely fashion, she went out of her way for me personally. With the new policies and changes, I had many questions, all of which she was able to answer quickly and knowledgeably. She made excellent recommendations I hadn’t thought about for my particular circumstances and helped me complete necessary paperwork. The common sense answers from a friendly, helpful colleague put my mind at ease and put me in a better position to take care of myself and the important people in my life.


Michelle Boyd – Service to Students

As an athletic trainer, Michelle’s regular duties include working with athletes in preventing and treating injuries and instructing students studying to become athletic trainers. The point of excellence that I appreciate from Michelle is when she opens her services to others in the campus community. My son, a student here at Truman, came to my office complaining of a stiff neck after working out with weights. I called Michelle on the phone. She cheerfully invited me to bring my son down to her lab. Michelle very professionally interviewed my son about the nature of his exercising, the symptoms, and his current difficulties with range of motion. Then she performed a very detailed and focused physical assessment. She informed him about recommendations for treatment, and she instructed him about ways to avoid the same injury during future workouts. Her care was so professional and so compassionate. She is a great representation of the character and integrity to shine in this award.


Roger Johnson – Community Service

Roger is always cheerful and exceptionally ready to help. He has been employed at the University since 1988 and displays a constant interest in not only bettering this institution, but the Kirksville community. Since the early 1970s, Roger’s contributions have improved the quality of life in Kirksville through his continued fundraising efforts for various Kirksville and Truman organizations. Through his efforts, Roger has raised between $35,000 and $40,000 to better the livers of area citizens. In addition, he not only finds the time to coach baseball and basketball teams, but to avidly and continuously participate in bowling leagues.