2016 Honorees

2016 Honorees

Five Year Honorees:

Lindsey Blake, Financial Aid
LaRoy Brandt, Biology
Thomas Brawner, Sodexo
Daniel Carpenter, Sodexo
Eric Davis, Business Office
Kelly Evans, Sodexo
Dustin Howard, Information Technology Services
Timothy Humphrey, Chemistry
Susan Lambert, Nursing
Eileen Maggart, Physical Plant
Kenneth McKim, Physical Plant
Shelly Miller, Sodexo
Amber Perkins, Sodexo
Christina Pinkerton, Sodexo
Edward Pretre, Athletics
Lesley Rogers, Physical Plant
Donovan Shafer, Physical Plant
Stacy Simmons, University Counseling Services
Terry Smith, Sodexo
Brian Snyder, Health & Exercise Sciences
Angela Stutsman, Physical Plant
Janine Whitt, Physical Plant
Linda Yearns, Sodexo

Ten Year Honorees:

Laura Bates, Student Union/Center for Student Involvement
Marilyn Benner, Sodexo
Erin Brown, Athletics
Angie Buck, Physical Plant
Angela Carron , Business Office
Myra Collins, Regional Professional Development Center
Daniel Davis, Athletics
Marla Fernandez, Business Office
Mario Jaquez, Physical Plant
Roger Marsh, Mail Services
Leslie Motter, Library
Madeline Nash, University Counseling Services
Jerrin Primm, Physical Plant
Leah Rehm, Sodexo
Edward Rogers, Communication
Cynthia Roewe, Sodexo
Tim Schwegler, Athletics
Brian Shelton, Physical Plant
Robert Techau, Physical Plant
Timothy Walston, Biology
Paul Yoder, Education

Fifteen Year Honorees:

Lori Allen, Library
Katie Best, Publications
Katalina Bulen, English & Linguistics
Xiaofen Chen, Economics
Terry Crook, Physical Plant
Dean DeCock, Statistics
Mike Elam, Physical Plant
Jonathan Gering, School of Science & Mathematics
Kasey Graves, Information Technology Services
Marsha Hall, Sodexo
Sarah Hass, Upward Bound
Tina Hines, Physical Plant
Walt Howd, Information Technology Services
Amber Johnson, Society & Environment
Brandon Kaestner, Sodexo
Christina Kaestner, Sodexo
Liz Lay, Assessment & Testing
Robert Lowe, Sodexo
Elaine McDuff, Society & Environment
Wendy Miner, Education
Brent Orton, English & Linguistics
Peter Ramberg, Chemistry
Daisy Rearick, Library
Sandra Rempe, Justice Systems
Melissa Rodman, Registrar’s Office
Jeffrey Vittengl, Psychology
Jimmy Whisenant, Sodexo

Twenty Year Honorees:

William Ashcraft, Philosophy & Religion
Anne Bergey, Biology
Mark Campbell, Agricultural Science
Lora Cunningham, Sodexo
Joyce Edwards, Physical Plant
Stephanie Foŕe, Biology
Judy Gooch, Business Office
Larry Kaestner, Sodexo
Shuan Klingsmith, Physical Plant
Susan Limestall, Campus Recreation
Carla Line, Sodexo
Shirley McKamie, Music
James McNabb, Information Technology Services
Patricia Mickey, Music
Diane Moore, Art, Music & Theatre
Debra Nothdurft, Center for Academic Excellence
James Padfield, Health & Exercise Sciences
Stephanie Powelson, Nursing
John Quinn, Political Science
Darin Schnetzler, Library
Robert Tigner, Psychology
Cindy Tuggle, Sodexo
Kevin White, Athletics

Twenty-Five Year Honorees:

Joe Billington, Physical Plant
Mark Hanley, History
Rena Hays, Sodexo
Eric Howard, Mathematics
Huping Ling, History
Tim Maize, Physical Plant
Ron Manning, Classical & Modern Languages
Halley Miller, Sodexo
Kyung Mun, Business Administration
Lori Murray, Regional Professional Development Center
Sara Orel, Art
Cathy Sherrow, Printing Services
Gregg Siewert, Classical & Modern Languages
Heidi Templeton, Public Relations
Mark Weidner, Center for Academic Excellence
Teresa West, Student Union
Tracy Williams, Information Technology Services

Thirty Year Honorees:

Brad Chambers, Advancement
Maria Di Stefano, Graduate Office
Donna Fude, Upward Bound
Neil Gilchrist, Business Administration
Sharon Hackney, Library
Lucy Lee, Classical & Modern Languages
Jason Lin, Business Administration
Deborah McCormick, Library
Bob Mielke, English & Linguistics
Cheryl Miller, Physical Plant
David Partenheimer, English & Linguistics
Steven Smith, Business Administration

Thirty-Five Year of Honorees:

John Dahlman, Sodexo
Kathy Elsea, Financial Aid

Forty-Five Year Honorees:

Melinda Hettinger, Library


Gary Blurton, Physical Plant — 15 years
Barbara Burke, Physical Plant — 8 years
Paula Cochran, Communication Disorders — 29 years
Elizabeth Delmonico, English & Linguistics — 32 years
Paul Fellows, Business Administration — 25 years
Jeff Gall, History — 19 years
Rebecca Green, Classical & Modern Languages — 18 years
Susan Guffey, Biology — 29 years
Thomas Hueber, Music — 27 years
James Jereb, Art — 26 years
Gregory Jones, Music — 28 years
Robert Jones, Art — 37 years
Melinda Maggart, Physical Plant — 29 years
David McCurdy, Chemistry — 29 years
Julie Minn, Classical & Modern Languages — 30 years
Paula Moore, Multicultural Affairs — 35 years
Brenda Moore, Biology — 26 years
Alanna Preussner, English — 26 years
David Robinson, History — 24 years
Steve Seward, Music — 33 years
Kathy Williams, Physical Plant — 20 years