2017 Honorees

2017 Honorees

Five Year Honorees:
Jenna Canfield, Biology
Carlla Casey, Physical Plant
Heather Cianciola, English/ McNair Program
Gretchen Dahl, Residence Life
Anton Daughters, Anthropology
Rebecca Dierking, English Education
Julia Edgar, Communication Disorders
Meg Edwards, Political Science
John Elam, Physical Plant
Amy Fuller, Chemistry
Melissa Garzanelli, Business Office
Charisse Hatfield, Registrar’s Office
Kristin Kennedy, President’s Office
Danielle Martel, Residence Life
Kathy Otero, Accounting
Richard Pitaniello, Library
Carolina Sempertegui – Sosa, Biology
Megan Swingle, Residence Life
Jonathan Vieker, Center for Academic Excellence
Kelly Walter, Agricultural Science
Betty Jenkins, Sodexo
Patrick Mawby, Sodexo
Matthew Lloyd, Sodexo
Denise Penick, Sodexo
Russel Penick, Sodexo

Ten Year Honorees:
Timothy Baker, Physical Plant
Pamela Carte, Regional Professional Development Center
Emily Costello, Agricultural Science
James D’Agostino, English
Datha Damron-Martinez, Business Administration
Lorinda Davenport, Business Office
Matthew Derezinski, Art
Ilene Elmlinger, Communication Disorders
Ted Frushour, Center for Academic Excellence
Vayujeet Gokhale, Physics
Jack Holcomb, Center for Academic Excellence
Terrie Howard, Business Office/ Advancement
Thomas Kearney, Athletics
Don Krause, Communication
Brian Kubin, Music
Clifford Lumsden, Physical Plant
Matthew Magruder, Admission
Rosa Mendez, Center for International Education
Chad Montgomery, Biology
Dee Dee Moore, Academic Affairs
Larry Sayre, Physical Plant
Lillie Schubert, Physical Plant
Mark Schultz, Campus Planning
Lori Shook, Campus Planning
Sheila Thurman, Regional Professional Development Center
Lori Ladwig, Regional Professional Development Center
Stachia  Vorhees, School of Science and Mathematics
Marilyn Yaquinto, Communication
Michelle Smith, Sodexo
Jacque Wifgall, Sodexo
Martha  Williams, Sodexo

Fifteen Year Honorees:
Tim AuBuchon, Music
Sharon  Crook, Physical Plant
Marie Delaney, School of Arts and Letters
Heather Ervin, Chemistry
Darla Humphrey, Physical Plant
Barbara Kramer, Chemistry
Cella Lile, Physical Plant
Daniel McGurk, Library
Amanda Medlock-Klyukovski, Communication
Arletta Nelson, Budget and Planning/ President’s Office
Teak Nelson, Nursing
Elizabeth Oberman, Information Technology Services
Richard Overfelt, Professional Development
William Page, Physical Plant
Barbara Price, English Education
Mark Rogers, Physical Plant
Eldon Rouse, Physical Plant
Leon Shears, Public Safety
Wynne Wilbur, Art
George Jackson, Sodexo

Twenty Year Honorees:
Kathryn Brammall, History
Kathy Conner, Physical Plant
Alan Garvey, Computer Science
John Green, Physical Plant
Pamela Johnson, Student Health Center
Brian Lamp, Chemistry
Danny McDowell, Student Recreation Center
Doris Nelson, Physical Plant
John O’Brien, Chemistry
Brian Payne, Physical Plant
Becky Pike, Advancement
Adrien Presley, Business Administration
Antonio Scuderi, Italian
Mary Shapiro, Linguistics
Bryan Waddle, Physical Plant
Debbie Watson, Physical Plant
Larry Western, Physical Plant
Robin White, Financial Aid
Chad Whittom, Public Safety
Twila Johnson, Sodexo
Donna Lloyd, Sodexo

Twenty-Five Honorees:
Debra Cartwright, Business Administration
Jacqueline Collett, Music
David Conner, Psychology
Adam Davis, English
Paul Detweiler, Physical Plant
Robert Fisher, Physical Plant
Joe Hamilton, University Counseling Services
Susan Hamilton, Library
Ian Lindevald, Physics
Christopher Maglio, Education
Andrea Maag, Center for Academic Excellence
Barb Newcomer, Business Office
Benjamin Ogden, Spanish
Sherri Palmer, Psychology
Terry Palmer, Psychology
Melissa Passe, Communication Disorders
Ann Weidner, University Counseling Services
Charles Combs, Sodexo
Edward  Dunlap, Sodexo

Thirty Year Honorees:
Nancy Asher, Assessment & Testing
Michael Blum, Business Administration
Robert  Cacioppo, Mathematics
Michael Corrick, Physical Plant
Melanee Crist, Center for International Students
Shannon Jumper, Russian
John Neitzke, Computer Science
Tammy Roberts, Information Technology Services
George Shinn, Biology
Chein-Hsing (Jane) Sung, Economics
Mohammad Shahmoradi, Sodexo
Mark Thompson, Professional Development

Thirty-Five Year Honorees:
Debra Kerby, School of Business
Betty McLane-Iles, French

Fifty Year Honorees:
Marianna Giovannini, Center for Academic Excellence


Russell Baughman, Chemistry – 40 years
Faith Beane , Russian and French – 30 years
Terry Billington, Physical Plant – 25 years
Dexter Brookhart, Public Safety – 14 years
Charles Bunfill, Printing Services – 18 years
Bob Cacioppo, Mathematics – 30 years
Bradley Chambers, Advancement – 31 years
Peggy Clark, School of Social and Cultural Studies – 29 years
Richard Coughlin, Library – 22 years
Lora Cunningham, Sodexo – 20 years
Ronald  Erickson, Chemistry – 7 years
Lou Ann Gilchrist, Student Affairs/ Counseling – 33 years
Neil Gilchrist, Business Administration – 33 years
Judy Gooch, Business Office – 20 years
Mariquit Hadwiger, Nursing – 22 years
Stephen Hadwiger, Nursing – 24 years
David Hudnall, Physical Plant – 17 years
Sherry Lay, Admission – 28 years
Patrick Lecaque, Center for International Education/ French – 30 years
Elaine McDuff, Sociology – 15 years
Ralph Miller, Physical Plant – 32 years
Cheryl Miller, Physical Plant – 31 years
Cinda Mitchell, Nursing – 24 years
Debra Nothdurft, Center for Academic Excellence – 21 years
Kathleen Powell, Academic Affairs – 16 years
Stephanie Powelson, Nursing – 21 years
Catherine Poyner, Accounting – 27 years
Jeanette Regan, English & Communication – 15 years
Donna Rhinesmith, Education – 25 years
Elaine Scudder, School of Science & Mathematics – 29 years
Randall Smith, Music –30 years
Eduardo Velasco, Physics – 22 years
Cathy Williams, Student Recreation Center – 14 years
Cole Woodcox, English – 30 years
David Wohlers, Chemistry – 29 years
Tom Zoumaras, History – 27 years