2018 Purple Pride Award Recipient

Bethany Gibson — Academic Affairs

Bethany received several nominations for this award, praising both her work in her current position in the Academic Affairs Office and her prior position in the Advancement Office. “Bethany is the front face of the Academic Affairs Office. She is accommodating in all aspects of her work and cares deeply for the office, co-workers and the University. She is the colleague who may go unnoticed until she is not there because she consistently does her job without complaint and does it exceptionally well.”

“Bethany was amazing for the morale of the Office of Advancement. Not only did she keep all the balls in the air all the time and help everything run smoothly, she took the time to talk to everyone, getting to know the staff, alumni and students she interacted with. She did a tremendous job as the frontline of our office. With her move to VPAA, she has been missed, but we are grateful she’s just a few doors down and that her talents are still benefiting the University.”