Guest ID Program

Faculty/Staff Designated Guest ID Card

The faculty/staff designated guest ID card is intended to offer privileges to the qualifying partner, adult child, or other adult member of the same household of a current full-time faculty/staff member. A qualifying partner would be a spouse, significant other, or fianc(e) of the faculty/staff member. The designated guest must be age 21 or older. Each faculty or staff member may designate only one guest at any time.

The privileges permitted to the bearer of the ID card include those listed here:

All privileges are subject to the guidelines established by the provider of the service.

How to Apply for Designated Guest ID Card

To apply for the Designated Guest ID Card, the faculty/staff member must complete an application form in the Human Resources Office (McClain 101).

A designated guest may be named at any time or a designation may be cancelled at any time, however a designee may be changed only once per year (September 1 – August 31). The faculty/staff member must sign that they accept responsibility for use/misuse of the card and any charges incurred by the designee. To access privileges, the card must be presented and the bearer of the card must be the individual who is pictured/named on the card.

The faculty/staff member will be provided with a verified copy of the form to be presented to the ID coordinator by the designated guest to obtain a Faculty/Staff Designated Guest ID Card. There will be a $6.00 charge to replace a lost or stolen card which should be immediately reported to the ID Coordinator. The card must be turned in to Human Resources upon the end of the designation, upon disqualification, or upon the termination of employment of the faculty/staff member. In order to maintain active status of the ID card the designation must be reconfirmed each year by returning the notice received in campus mail from Human Resources prior to August 31.