Staff Exercise Time Program

The underlying purpose of the Staff Exercise Time Program is to provide staff time to exercise on a regular basis.  This program is intended for non-exempt and exempt staff.  Non-exempt (hourly) staff are encouraged to combine break times (15 minutes every four hours) with their lunch time to exercise.

Supervisors are encouraged to work with their staff members who want to participate in the program.  Staff will need to arrange their exercise time in advance to make certain all office responsibilities are covered.

Supervisors are encouraged to support this program and promote an attitude of wellness on campus.  We realize some departments may have a more difficult time accommodating all staff members who want to use the program. We encourage efforts to think creatively in this regard. (For example, staff may stagger lunch shifts in order to take time to exercise and still provide coverage for the office.)  Staff members who abuse the use of this program may lose this privilege.

Staff may use the Student Recreation center or the University’s Natatorium for this exercise program.  Staff may not use this program to leave the campus to exercise elsewhere.  If a staff member prefers walking/running around campus instead of walking in the Student Recreation Center, this is allowed with supervisor approval.

Questions may be directed to Human Resources at 660-785-4031.