2020 Bulldog Award Recipients

Admission Office

“In light of a pandemic, incoming students need to feel secure in their college choice. Orientation is an important reminder to students that they’ve made the right choice. In light of a pandemic, Admissions put student safety and needs first, creating a program to engage students, prepare them for their time at Truman, and provide them the resources necessary to be successful in a post-COVID world. This service also extends to the current student Orientation Leaders, who were organized efficiently to enable them to make strong connections with incoming students quickly. The adaptability of the Admissions Office has created a welcoming, information-rich environment for incoming students.”

“Teamwork has been essential for Admissions. The team pulled together, not only during Orientation, but prior as well, to still create the Truman experience for students virtually. They rely upon each other and support each other through all kinds of situations.”


Pickler Memorial Library

“The library staff rallied to the crisis caused by the evacuation of campus and made it possible for students of all levels to get access to the materials they needed, whether it be a basic textbook or specialty primary sources needed to high-level history research. The Truman community would not have succeeded in its primary function of facilitating students success and learning without the heroic efforts of the library staff.”

“They went above and beyond to resolve every panicked request from students and faculty in an impossible situation and did so with grace and humor. Moreover, they were quick and efficient … Without their efforts many if not most of our classes would have ground to a rapid and permanent halt.”