2021 Bulldog Award Recipients

Center for Academic Excellence

“The CAE has shown a tremendous amount of teamwork and support for each other this year. They moved to a new location (during a pandemic), piloted two new programs (Bulldog Scholars and Bounce Back), and changed from an advising only model to one of advising AND coaching – or student success. CAE was able to increase access to the writing center, departmental tutoring, and tutoring center.”

Registrar’s Office

“The Registrar’s Office focused on our students and their personal, social, and intellectual growth by providing them a situation to be celebrated — and share it with limited family/friends — while dealing with the challenges of a pandemic through the seven commencement ceremonies provided this year. This demonstrated to our students the importance Truman put on them and their success by not taking an easy route but putting effort and time into making it a good experience.”