2018 Points of Excellence Recipients

Lana Bogeart — Service to Students

The faculty teach students the skills they will need when they land that coveted first job.  It is Ms. Bogeart who teaches them about being on time, proper dress etiquette, always being a professional, and how to do a job well. She does not do this through intimidation, but with patience and directness.  She has gone through this learning process year after year for the last 15 years. She is the epitome of Truman pride. Ms. Bogeart eats, sleeps and, I am sure, dreams in purple. She takes tremendous pride in her work and is always cognizant of the fact that she represents Truman and The School of Business in everything she does.

Lana Bogeart -- Service to Students


Ron Collinge — Work Performance

Collinge displays great patience, empathy, and communication skills with the students, faculty, and staff at Truman that he comes into contact with.  Officer Collinge was on duty the night that a student threatened self-harm and went out onto the ledge of the Centennial Hall third floor roof.  He was calm under pressure, used good judgment, and worked in conjunction with the Kirksville Police Department to help bring a positive resolution to the situation.  The hard work he puts in every day on patrol is a reflection of his dedication to his job and the students at Truman State University.

Ron Collinge -- Work Performance


Janes Dreamweaver — Innovation and Diversity/Inclusivity

Janes Dreamweaver is very open to students and faculty from diverse interests and backgrounds.  As a yoga instructor, Janes attracts and encourages persons of all age groups. His yoga classes are the most diverse in age groups and cultures.  Janes knows each of his students by name and takes time to ensure attention to each person. Janes has completely rejuvenated the Rec Center’s programming. His classes are chock full of faculty and staff, and the Rec Center is on people’s minds again. Plus, he’s great to work with.

Janes Dreamweaver -- Innovation and Diversity/Inclusivity


Beth Oberman — Work Performance

It is difficult to choose one category for which Beth Oberman should be recognized because she excels in many.  However, I chose “work performance” because of the excellent work she does in creating and modifying software to fit the needs of the various departments of Truman.  Beth is calm, mature, helpful, friendly and knowledgeable, but most importantly, she is patient while still goal-oriented and is able to move any project forward.  Also, when we discover a change that will make a process work better, she is quick to create that change, making our lives so much easier.  Without her support, we would be lost and we wish to commend her on her many points of excellence.

Beth Oberman -- Work Performance


Joyce Schmitz — Community Service and Work Performance

Joyce Schmitz had been in our department for more than 10 years. During that time she has been exemplary in her work. She works with careful detail as well as compassionate determination. She willingly completes work outside of her regular duties to help the faculty and students in our department. It is not only with a professional demeanor, but with a delightful one as well that she does her job. She solves problems that faculty encounter remarkably well and promptly.  Her services are essential in creating work environments that enable faculty to concentrate on teaching with little or no distraction arising from dealing with administrative procedures.

Joyce Schmitz -- Community Service and Work Performance


Brad Turnbull — Work Performance

Bradley provides time for all students to voice their concerns and/or issues. Brad operates with a smile and a friendly “how may I help you?”  He tirelessly answers the questions of parents even though it may be the same questions asked over a period of seven days. He provides great community service to the campus of Truman. He is often volunteering his time. His work performance is 110 percent and then more.  His willingness to be part of the team is outstanding.

Brad Turnbull -- Work Performance