2022 Points of Excellence Recipients

Mark Clynes — Service to Students

“Mark has a stellar track record when it comes to service to students. Morning, noon, and night, weekdays, weekends and holidays, Mark will take the time to meet with a student to ensure that they are being taken care of. He consistently goes out of his way to make the admission and enrollment process as smooth as possible for our students and families. Mark works hard to ensure that all student needs are met and consistently tries to go beyond simply meeting their needs.”

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Dawn Coy — Service to Students

“Dawn exemplifies the caring, ethical and humanitarian values of our university … (she) is much more than a stellar department secretary. She is not only reliable and professional, but also a source of inspiration to everyone in both CML and English/Linguistics. I can think of no better person to greet and cheerfully assist our students and my colleagues than Dawn Coy.”

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Billi Gordy — Service to Students

“As an academic advisor, Billi’s service to the students is excellent. She is very knowledgeable in all the aspects of the requirements needed by the students for the various business degrees. She is thorough in her analysis of how best to advise the students and often presents options for the students. She is compassionate when dealing with the students, always trying to understand their particular situations, but yet is realistic when dealing with them to ensure they understand what they need to do. She has a calming demeanor, which I feel is an important trait when dealing with students. I know Billi always has the students’ best interest in mind and she is an invaluable resource for students.”

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William Murphy — Work Performance

“Will is always thinking about our students first and how their needs can best be met. As our front office staff member, he is someone we can rely on entirely … Excellent, speedy customer service – from bills getting paid to rooms booked to food ordered to students needing help to dealing with outside vendors in a polite and professional manner always. Will gives 120 percent on a daily basis.”

Corie Pryor — Work Performance

“Corie has been a great asset to our department … She is motivated and is self-directed. If she thinks of a way to do something better, she does that. She is attentive to detail and timely with her work. Her assistance with clinical scheduling has allowed faculty to focus on learning activities rather than clinical scheduling. Her work this first academic year has been invaluable!”

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Hayden Wilsey — Truman Values

“The customer service skills Hayden exhibits are top-tier. Hayden is quick to think through how to best connect with students, has mastered a tactful and considerate approach to working with other people in our office and on campus, and has been an example of service and humility as he works with incoming students and families. It is truly incredible to witness Hayden’s heart for service and to learn alongside him to be a better advocate.”

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