2020 Points of Excellence Recipients

Allison Reed — Service to Students

“Allison is one of the largest employers of student labor on the campus. She manages a team of undergraduates to take care of the greenhouse, the animal facility, and the 100 level biology teaching laboratories. Numerous undergraduates are able to relieve the financial burden partially by working under her supervision. In addition, Allison encourages students to figure out what their passions are and then pursue those passions.”

Richie Howell — Innovation

“Richie Howell, the campus videographer, is a magic worker. While other universities may have an entire video team, Richie alone does this work for Truman and delivers the highest quality of work. He creates engaging and creative video content to be used in marketing to prospective students, current students, alumni, parents/families, and community members.”

“Additionally, with COVID-19, the role of videographer became immensely more critical to the success of the University. He was the mastermind behind the panel discussions re: COVID-19 plans and Racial Injustice and Inequality setting up multiple cameras, microphones, a video switcher, and more to create a professional, socially distant, and effective method of communication and platform for these important conversations to occur. Last, but certainly not least, anyone who has met Richie knows that he has an easy-going and pleasant attitude. He never hesitates to smile and laugh as he gets to know those he is filming and working alongside. Richie truly loves his job being able to create video that tells the story of Truman and shares the heart of this community.”

Paula McCartney — Work Performance

“Paula’s work performance encompasses several of these Points of Excellence characteristics. She is reliable not only in being present, but in seeking ways to be helpful. One of Truman’s values is critical thinking to problem solve and in this, Paula is an excellent example to our student workers and our other staff. If she receives a request from someone who needs my assistance as Dean and she knows that I will need additional information in order to help them, she has generally gathered that information before I ask for it. She can be depended on to have materials ready for whatever task I have to undertake in a timely fashion. Paula is key to this office’s operations facing both outward and inward. She is truly representative of Truman excellence.”