2021 Points of Excellence Recipients

Joel Brumfield — Innovation

“Joel has assisted with successfully designing and implementing the Career Center’s new Career Services Management platform, #HireTruman. The platform allows students/alumni to access career readiness resources, the Truman/employer partnership job board, virtual expos, workshops, and sign up for Career Center appointments. Our professional and student staff are very grateful to have Joel as an integral part of our team.”

Tim Maize — Truman Values

Tim worked for Truman for almost 30 years and retired last December due to health issues. His nomination included testimonials from former students who worked for him. One of his nominators wrote: “We always wanted to work hard for him because we saw how hard he worked.  Keeping up with “Mr. Tim” wasn’t easy but we tried! We have shared in many great memories, and I can say, without a doubt, Tim has been a true asset to Truman, its students, faculty, and staff.”

 Another nominator wrote: “Tim taught me the value of taking pride in your work.  He was the type of leader who made you look forward to sweating in 100+ degree heat, painting handrails in the stairwells during the dog days of summer.  He treated his crew like family. One moment that has stuck with me for over twenty years was when I was struggling to feed myself as a college student.  He and his wife Debbie graciously cleared out their pantry to get me by for a crucial couple of weeks. Tim cares about his community.  He cares about Truman State University.  And I know, personally, that he cares about the students.”  

Joyce Manning — Truman Values

“By having a positive attitude and encouraging other employees to do their best, Joyce brings a welcoming vibe to the students she encounters. She has a kind voice and an inviting smile that makes the students feel at home. Joyce is professional, trustworthy and a joy for any one to be around. Joyce has many years of service and barely ever misses a day. Joyce she is a team player who sets examples of what a great employee should be.”

Janie Nelson — Work Performance

“Janie is always volunteering to help out in other buildings that are short housekeepers. She is 72 years old and has been buffing and scrubbing the floor at Baldwin, just to make it look nice for the Orientations. She takes pride in her work and I always say we need at least three of her. Janie always uses her 30-plus years experience at Truman to train and teach new employees on how to use equipment and how to do their best job.”

Amber Robbins — Work Performance

“With low staffing and with COVID-19 and call-ins, Amber has jumped in on a daily basis to help keep and maintain the Academic buildings, ensuring they are a clean and sanitized place to study and work. I feel that without Amber we would be lost. She asks nothing of anyone that she is not willing to do herself.”

Kathy Veatch — Service to Students

“Kathy is great with students and prospective students. She meets and greets all with a smile and a cheerful welcome and jumps right up to facilitate whatever is needed to meet their needs. Kathy is a wonderful human being…She is a role model for our Vision…cares deeply, critically thinks and problem solves, service-oriented, and demonstrates excellence in everything she does!”

Jared Young — Innovation

Jared prioritizes students and their learning experiences through work, both in the Planetarium and in summer academies (JBA, Health Care Academy, Taiwan at Truman) by teaching values of professionalism, customer service, safety, asset management, and respect for others. Jared has championed diversity and inclusivity in his work [by] adapting policies to address the growing awareness of the needs of young transgender students, directly supporting the mental health needs of academy students and Truman student staff, growing Taiwan at Truman, and working with ATSU to increase the diversity of participation in the joint healthcare academy it runs with Truman. He is exceedingly gracious in his addressing of needs, engendering a strong level of confidence in Truman among those served by all these programs.”

Jared Young award group photo