State Employees Benefits Enrollment System (SEBES)

When you are hired at Truman State University, you will be provided a Benefits Orientation. During this orientation you will complete enrollment forms for medical, dental and vision care, MOCAFE cafeteria plan (optional), as well as other information.

Employees are contacted by the State through a program called SEBES. This program is designed to ease the burden of State employers who use all of the programs provided by the State. As an employee at Truman State  University, enrollment is required in one area  —MOSERS retirement.

The following lists the number of days new employees can enroll for benefits from their date of hire. SEBES will only be available for 60 days from their date of hire. As you can see, only MOSERS and the Cafeteria Plan are used by the University.

The employee may enter this site as often as they wish to complete or make changes to the enrollment information. If they do not complete the online enrollment by the deadline for MOSERS, they will need to contact Human Resources.

Benefit Provider Number of Days/Benefit
Retirement MOSERS Automatically enrolled on date of hire
Basic Life Insurance1 MOSERS Not a Benefit for Truman State University
Optional Life Insurance2 MOSERS Not a Benefit for Truman State University
Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance3 MCHCP Not a Benefit for Truman State University
Employee Assistance Program4 MCHCP Not a Benefit for Truman State University
Deferred Compensation CitiStreet See Human Resources to sign up for this option
Cafeteria Plan ASI/Central Bank 120 days to elect MOCAFE after date of hire – accomplished during orientation
Universal Life Insurance5 MoVLIC Not a Benefit for Truman State University
MoDOT/Patrol Retirement & Disability6 MPERS Not a Benefit for Truman State University

If you have questions or concerns once you receive SEBES information either at home or online, please don’t hesitate to contact Human Resources.

1Basic Life for Truman State University is provided by STANDARD. You are provided insurance at 1X your annual salary at no cost to you.
2Additional life is also provided through STANDARD up to 3X your annual salary through payroll deduction; dependent life insurance is also available.
3Medical Insurance is provided through AETNA, Dental insurance is provided by DELTA DENTAL of Missouri, and Vision insurance is provided by DAVIS VISION.
4Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is provided free through STANDARD.
5Not a benefit.
6Not a benefit.